Share Your World – 2016 Week 34

Share Your World – 2016 Week 34


What is your favorite comfort snack food?

My favorite comfort foods are not snacks, but a meal: a gooey grilled cheese sandwich with creamy tomato soup.

Is the paper money in your possession right now organized sequentially according to denomination and with the bills right side up and facing the same way?

Yup. I’m a Virgo—it’s what we do. Arranged from smallest denomination in front to largest in back, all bills right side (with the particular President’s face) up, as neatly flattened as possible.

If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?

We’d probably try to chase it, but it would flatten itself and go through some tiny little space and we’d never be able to get at it. Then I wouldn’t worry about it until I saw it again.

Would you rather not be able to read or not be able to speak?

If I had to choose one, I’d definitely prefer not be able to speak. I assume that if I could still read, I’d probably be able to write down whatever I wanted to say. I’d get to spend my life passing notes. And not being able to speak would mean I wouldn’t ever have to engage in idle chit-chat in social situations.

But not to be able to read … Just shoot me.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week was a low-key one for us, which means I loved it. Next week we are going on a group trip to Victoria, BC, Canada, and I’m looking forward to that.

I hope everybody has a great upcoming week!

© 2016 by Mary Daniels Brown