Success! Change of Perspective Redux

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The process of deleting the old blog and beginning the new one didn’t go exactly as I had expected, but the opportunity to start over did turn out all right nevertheless.

I had wanted to install the new version of WordPress in the same directory as the old one so that the blog’s URL would remain unchanged. However, I discovered that to do that, I would have to delete the original blog’s subdirectory, which would also delete the old URL. Instead of doing that, I created a new subdirectory for the new blog, then set the old blog’s subdirectory to redirect to the new one.

What This Means for Readers

(1) Since the old blog URL redirects to the new one, you will still be able to land here by using any old links to Change of Perspective. If you would like to use a direct link to the new blog, this is it:

(2) However, although I have the content of lots of previous posts to republish, I did lose all comments and “likes.” If, as you read through posts here, you find anything worth commenting on, please do so. Please!

It’s lonely having a blog with no comments.

(3) If you had subscribed for email updates for the old blog, you’ll have to resubscribe for the new one by using the form in the sidebar on the left.

(Oops, the sidebar is now on the right. That’s what happens when you change WordPress themes.)


After setting up the new blog and making sure that it works, I republished posts from October and November 2015. I still have to redo all the material that I have (back to mid 2014), which will take some time. I hope to do that gradually over the next two or three months.

Despite all the hassle, I’m feeling triumphant at my accomplishment. I was apprehensive about working with files and subdirectories at the server level, but figuring out what to do and how to do it taught me a lot. I’m still not ready for a job in tech support, but I do now have a basic understanding of how that stuff works.

I still have to do a bit more tweaking here—for example, I want to change the listings of categories and archives to dropdown menus—but just having a working blog again is a relief.

Thank you for sticking with me through this process of allowing the sun to set on the old blog and to rise on the new one.